About This Guide

Dr. Donna Brown’s

Guide to Supplementation

Dr. Donna M. Brown is a Health Coach who specializes in Nutritional Therapies based upon the principle of establishing and maintaining a healthy body ecology. This approach seeks to return the individual to optimal health by correcting dietary and environmental conditions that allow disease to take root. She has also done extensive research on supplementation, and has created this guide to effective supplementation to assist you in making sound supplement choices to manage a wide array of conditions.

Dr. Brown offers private Health Coaching by appointment. Call 631-893-3490 or stop by the front desk for more information. 

Get Started:

Just mouse-over the Main Menu “Select Your Health Issue” above, then click on the issue you’re interested in learning more about. The recommended supplements will appear below, along with a description of their purpose and use. You can also click on the category of interest in the right column.

Many of the supplements that Dr. Brown recommends are available at Incentives Organic Spa and Salon, or through our website: www.incentivespasalon.com

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