Oxy Powder

Constipated? Bloated? Irregular?

Solution: Oxy-Powder

ghc oxy powder

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What is it? Oxy-Powder® is a scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser used to safely relieve the bloating, gas and constipation associated with an unhealthy diet.
What is it for? To help ensure regular bowel movements, relieve constipation and cleanse the colon.
How do you take it? Take 4 capsules with an 8 ounce glass of water, on an empty stomach before you go to bed.

What Does Dr. Brown Say?

“Everyone should have at least one regular bowel movement every day! If you are not, you may be allowing unhealthy toxins and waste to build up in your colon and a toxic colon can put your health at risk. Oxy-powder is excellent for cleaning out the colon and will benefit anyone with constipation and any kind of irregularity – even mild cases. It acts to put oxygen into your colon, which is a very anaerobic environment. All this is accomplished with no cramping or dependency.”

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