Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer

Tired all the time?  No energy?

Solution: Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer

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What is it? This is a state-of-the-art nutritional formula called Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ® that not only protects delicate cellular structures and enables cells to perform life-sustaining metabolic processes.
What is it for? Maintaining healthy mitochondrial function is critically important in preventing disease and promoting longevity. One of the most serious events that cause the loss of cellular vitality is the depletion of mitochondrial energy-producing function. This formula is designed to counteract age-related structural and functional changes. Cells require healthy mitochondrial activity to perform life-sustaining metabolic processes. As mitochondrial function weakens in our cells, so does the vitality of organs such as the heart and brain or in some cases, the entire body.
How do you take it? Take two capsules twice daily, preferably early in the day or all at once upon wakening.  Can be taken with our without food.

What Does Dr. Brown Say?

“This product is a fantastic way to decrease the production of AGEs in your body.   Too much AGE can lead to premature aging of skin, organs, tendons, and joints.  Also, great products to give your overall energy level a boost.”

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